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Franchisees and Company Stores

Buying a franchise is exciting! You're buying a proven-successful business model and systems - so it should be a slam-dunk. Despite all of the support you receive from your franchisor, there are usually a few road bumps on the way to opening day. We've been down this road with many franchisees and can help you avoid or minimize challenges.

Stalled with your site selection? Contact us for a complimentary on-site consultation. Considerations we'll discuss include the site itself, the site's location, negotiating with your prospective landlord, and working with your franchisor.

Preparing to open a new franchise location? Even if you have not yet signed a franchise agreement, you can benefit from our complimentary on-site meeting to strategize for the success of your new franchise. In addition to completing a quality build-out, we are keenly interested in helping you get your new business off to a strong start. For example, opening a new franchise entails considerable cash outlays in the months before you ring up your first sale. Having worked with many new franchisees, we can help make you aware of some of the common challenges and recommend strategies to avoid them. You can count on us to make recommendations to help you save you time, save money, and help you manage cash flow between site selection and your opening day.

Renovate or remodel your existing franchise. Whether you want a fresh look or full remodel, our team makes it easy to complete your franchise construction work on-budget and on-time. We do it all, from A to Z!

Repairs. From plumbing leaks to electrical issues, we will complete your large and small repairs promptly and cost-effectively.

Build your own building. Can't find the right building? Discover the benefits of building your own retail building: a stand-alone building tailored to your needs or a shopping mall that delivers a new revenue stream for your company.

You can count on your Construction Expeditors team for:

Opening and running a new franchise is exciting and sometimes challenging. You can count on our team to understand the build-out requirements specified in your franchise agreements and ensure your build-out meets your franchise requirements and your needs to help you get off to a strong start.

Your franchise construction specialist - from fast food restaurants to coffee drive-thru's.

Contact us today to talk with a franchise construction specialist.

We've Built Out

  • Big Foot Java
  • Subways
  • Taco Del Mars
  • Yeti Yoghurts

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